COVID-19 Advice for Mums

Ni kawaida kufeel stress hii time... Staying home inakupatia chance kuwa close na kuendeleza relationship na m/watoto wako!

Tips na advice for your baby

  1. Copy their facial expressions zao na sauti.
  2. Sing songs to them ukiweza.
  3. Play games na vikombe ama vitabu.
  4. Tell them a short story, read a book, ama share pictures.

Tips na advice for your young child

  1. Read a book or look at pictures in them.
  2. Play and dance to music or sing songs kwa nyumba!
  3. Fanyeni kazi ndogondogo za nyumba pamoja - make cleaning ama cooking iwe fun game.
  4. Saidia na school work hata kama ako home.

Tips na advice for your teenager

  1. Talk about something they like: sports, music, celebrities, friends
  2. Pikeni pamoja
  3. Saidia na kazi ya shule hata kama ako home.

You are a model of your child’s behaviour

Kwa hivyo, practice keeping safe distances from other people, wash your hands regularly and treat others well, especially wale washapata ugonjwa tayari ama wako at risk ya kupata CoronaVirus.

Uko na fever, dry cough na shida ya kupumua?

Call 719 or Dial *719#

Do you have any tips and advice you can share with other mums?

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